About Us

Of the 600,000 food items in US grocery stores, 80% have added sugar. This is where our story and mission begins.

Preya Patel Bhakta created Elli Quark for the very reason that there just wasn’t a healthy option in the dairy category that offered a truly clean label. While many brands in the category boasted claims of being ‘healthy’ or offering ‘high protein’ or ‘lower calories’ they were also clouded with added sugars, artificial sweeteners and colors, starches, fillers, sometimes even gelatin.

Preya challenged herself to solve two problems with the creation of Elli Quark. One was to offer a truly clean product in a variety of flavors, made with no added sugars and no artificial anything. The other was to create an enjoyable experience, not one that makes your jaw squint from a sour yogurt bite. But rather a yummy fresh cheese that makes you go “Mmmmmmm” with each and every spoonful!

Made in sunny Los Angeles, California, Elli Quark supports local dairies and farmers to source Non-GMO ingredients and hormone-free milk. Slow n’ steady, Elli Quark follows an authentic German recipe, which takes 4-5 times longer to produce than Greek yogurt - there’s no short cuts here! Our team is also proud to donate products regularly to our local food bank, giving back to our community and offering optimal nutrition to all.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” This quote by Errick McAdams is our mantra that we live by day in and day out. We believe that everyone has the right to good nutrition. We’ve worked long and hard to partner with some of the best retailers across the country to help us get our products readily available. Others, we’re still working to convince that Elli Quark is worthy of a spot on their dairy shelves, wink wink! ;)

Simply put, Elli Quark is on a mission to give people a better option. To help others eat clean and live healthier. Our fans are definitely our biggest motivators. The best part of our day comes from connecting with people via phone, email, and social media. Seeing all the creative posts of how everyone’s enjoying Elli Quark inspires us to continue dreaming up new products and innovating further.

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