Smart Snacking

More than a yogurt, think cheesecake in a cup! With 2-3X more protein than sugar and 95% lactose free.

Our 20+ hour fermentation process sets us apart, and it's a difference you can both taste and feel. Check out our flavors.

Complete Balanced Meals

Think of a parfait reimagined! Call it a meal, mini-meal, super snack, breakfast, lunch, dessert.

Perfectly balanced with heart healthy superfoods. A ready-to-eat powerhouse that'll keep you full & satisfied. Explore our flavors.

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Our Mission

Our mission is cheesy... you can have your cheese and eat it too! :)

We believe that taste and nutrition go hand in hand. So we're combining clean, natural ingredients with yummy flavors and a unique fresh cheese to promote healthy lifestyles.

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